Cataract Surgery Clinic

If you have cataracts, it does not always mean that you need surgery. You may not notice any changes in your vision.Some people with this condition may find themselves wearing glasses, wearing sunglasses, or relying on stronger light. But as the cataract grows, it can cause more symptoms. Your vision may be poor or blurred. You may also have double vision when you look at things with cataracts. These issues can make it difficult to read, work on a computer, and do other things that require a clear perspective. Your eyesight can be bad at night and it can be difficult to drive in the dark. You may be sensitive to the brightness of the lights. Even people with advanced cataracts may not be exempt from a driver’s test. Cataracts can make you more vulnerable to sunlight. You may see fog around the bright lights. This can keep you from going out as much as you want. It also makes exercises like skiing or golf more difficult. For more details please contact us! 9910784248.

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