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Flashes, floaters, and spots are typically no cause for concern. They are caused by bits of protein and other tissue that are embedded in the clear, gel-like material (called vitreous) which fills the inside of our eye. As we age the vitreous becomes more fluid, making the bits of protein and other tissue more noticeable. However, some floaters (especially those accompanied by flashes of light) may indicate a very serious condition, such as a detached retina. A few spots or floaters here and there is no cause for alarm, but if you experience a cloud of floaters, flashes of light, or swirly mists or a curtain over part of your eye you should seek help immediately. Make an emergency appointment with your eye doctor or proceed to the nearest emergency room. Most retinal detachments can be repaired if they are treated soon, but if they are not treated in time you may experience a loss of vision or even blindness. Seasonal allergies can make our eyes dry and itchy, as can prolonged screen use. However, it may also indicate that you have dry eye. Dry eye is a chronic condition that can be managed using a variety of non-invasive in-office and at-home treatments. book an appointment with Eye Care to see if you are experiencing dry eye.

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