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Because cataracts form in different ways, the symptoms of cataracts are variable. Most people notice that their vision gradually deteriorates – objects may begin to look yellow, hazy, blurred or distorted. Many people also find that they need more light to see clearly, or that they experience glare or haloes from lights at night. A common problem encountered is increasing nearsightedness. In advanced cases, the cataract may be visible as a whitish-looking pupil. Cataracts that occur due to the aging process cannot be prevented as the aging process itself cannot be prevented. Using the eyes for reading and similar activities have nothing to do with cataract formation. Avoiding the use of the eyes will not prevent cataracts. cataract surgery should be performed as soon as the patient feels difficulty in performing routine activities at work and at leisure. With modern microsurgical techniques of stitch-less cataract surgery (MICS), it is not advisable to wait for the cataract to mature. DR. ANJU GUPTA at EYE CARE performs the best surgery for cataracts in delhi. Book an appointment today.

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  • Best Cataract Surgery Clinic in Azadpur
  • Cataract Surgery Clinic in Azadpur
  • Cataract Surgery in Azadpur

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