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Cataract has been the most common cause of treatable blindness, for centuries. Today modern microsurgical techniques utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, lenses and surgical material, allow people to enjoy good, clear vision after cataract removal & IOL implantation. We at EYE CARE in Delhi provide state-of-the-art services for Cataracts. Our eye surgeon team at EYE CARE is trained from most premier institutes of ophthalmology. We provide the latest techniques available in the market. The best technique but cost-effective Cataract surgery is our uniqueness. We are providing all techniques of cataract surgeries like MICS; FLACS; Phaco etc. All types of Intraocular lenses including Multifocal IOL; Trifocal IOL; EDOFF; Toric IOL; Toric Multifocal IOL are being offered to patients at affordable prices. It is a cloudiness of the normally clear lens in the eye. It prevents the lens from focusing light onto the retina and hence causes Unclear vision. As the cataract advances, this cloudiness of vision increases over a period of time until the vision is completely impaired. Cataract development is part of the normal ageing process. Almost all people above the age of 60 years have cataracts of a variable degree, although it can occur at an earlier age also.

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  • Best Cataract Surgery Clinic in NSP
  • Cataract Surgery Clinic in NSP
  • Cataract Surgery in NSP
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