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Laser eye surgery is something that many patients, like you, look for when they wish to get their vision corrected by removing their specs forever. Laser eye surgery is a simple surgical procedure where the eye surgeon opens the surface of the cornea by making a circular flap on it. The Doctor uses a Laser to reshape your cornea to correct the vision disorder. Every year hundreds of patients undergo Laser eye surgery and almost 96% of them get 6/6 or 20/20 vision after the procedure is done (source: Contoura Vision India). Laser corneal sculpting is a medical process where surgeons use laser technology to reshape the external surface of the eye. Laser surgery is done to correct short-sightedness or myopia, long-sightedness or hypermetropia, and uneven curvature on the surface of the eye or astigmatism. It is an age-old process. The first-ever laser crafting process was done almost 30 years ago. The vision that introduces you to the natural colors of the world is the precious organ of your body. Owing to this we at EYE CARE provide our patients with the best laser eye treatment. We provide you with the desired and appreciable eye care services. Being one of the leading best LASIK eye surgery eye specialist centers. We are the ones that put forwards cost-effective eye care services to our patients. Our latest diagnostics and technologies have enabled us to satisfy our customers in the best way. EYE CARE is among the best Laser eye surgery hospitals that are well-recognized for professional advice and qualitative treatment. Equipped with advanced and innovative equipment, we are known for providing world-class services.

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  • Lasik Surgery Clinic in Pitampura
  • Best Lasik Surgery Clinic in Pitampura
  • Best Lasik Surgery in Pitampura

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