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OCULOPLASTY is an eye reconstructive surgery. It’s a specialized area of ophthalmology that focuses on the eyelids and the structures surrounding the eye, which also includes problems with the Lacrimal (tear) system and the Orbit, the region surrounding the eyeball. An oculoplastic surgeon performs these procedures. Repairing droopy eyes, obstruction in the tear duct and removal of tumors are some surgeries that are covered in an oculoplastic procedure. Most of these surgeries are performed at the doctor's office with the help of local anesthesia. If it is performed in a hospital then the patient will have to be sedated. Much before this surgery, a radiographic test, for example, a CT scan, may be necessary. Also, a needle aspiration will be performed to help your surgeon determine what surgical approach to follow. A lot of factors in orbital surgery depend on various factors like the size, location, and the degree of the disease present. At times, only a very small incision or sometimes none at all. Large incisions may result in visible scars. Your surgeon's job is to preserve your vision and eye function while repairing or removing the damaged tissues. At EYE CARE, Our Oculoplasty surgeons have more than a decade of experience in treating eye patients. We have an oculoplastic surgeon who caters to eye patients. Our topmost priority is the comfort and well-being of the patients.

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